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Depot Changelog: July 2022

Written by
Kyle Galbraith
Published on
1 August 2022
It's been a little quieter this past month, but big things are coming over the horizon. Let's dig into what we have been working on over the past month and are building to in the near future.
Depot Changelog: July 2022 banner

We have been hard at work on the next iteration of Depot; self-hosted builders, integrations with self-hosted CI providers, and our intelligent caching tier. Let's take a look at what we've been working on over the past month and preview what is coming in the near future.

Free trials

We have removed the credit card requirement when creating a new organization. All new organizations are now automatically enrolled into a 14-day free trial that includes one project and unlimited build minutes.

This comes from great feedback from our recent influx of collaborators. Many folks want to try out Depot with their existing projects to see how much we can reduce their build time in CI. So, we are excited to make that a bit easier to do by allowing you to immediately try out Depot for free during the first thirty days the organization is active.

We are encouraging people to make the most out of those first thirty days by plugging Depot into all of your existing CI systems where you want to speed up docker build via depot build. This allows you to get an idea of how much time you can save by using Depot and what your usage would look like over a month.

Stability fixes

We experienced several disruptions and outages with our infrastructure provider for Intel builds this past month. We are working to extend our automatic failover systems to support cross-provider failover, in addition to their current in-provider failover capabilities. This will mean that if one of our hosting providers is experiencing an outage, your builds will automatically be rerouted to a backup provider.

Self-hosted Depot builders

Work continues on self-hosted Depot builders. As we revealed last month, we are developing the ability for organizations to connect an AWS account to their Depot organization, then project builds run inside the connected account instead of inside Depot's infrastructure providers. This allows organizations with special requirements to utilize Depot, while keeping their project data entirely inside their own account.

As we are nearing a beta release of self-hosted builders, we have settled on the following architecture:

  • Organizations create a cloud connection in their Depot organization, providing their AWS account ID
  • Organizations launch a set of AWS resources (VPC, launch templates, etc.) inside their account — we will provide an open-source Terraform module to make this easy
  • An open-source cloud-agent process runs inside the organization's AWS account — it is responsible for launching and managing instances needed for project builds, with minimal IAM permissions
  • Inside the launched instances, an open-source machine-agent is responsible for communicating with the Depot API and running any software needed for the build

We've chosen this architecture primarily to minimize blast radius and security footprint. All software running inside organization cloud accounts is open-source and auditable, and we do not share AWS account credentials or cross-account roles with the hosted Depot service.

We expect to have support for self-hosted builders completed for AWS by the end of August, and expect to expand to other cloud providers in the future.

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