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Now available: Configure Docker to run builds with Depot by default

Written by
Kyle Galbraith
Published on
27 July 2023
We're excited to bring a new feature to the depot CLI that allows you to configure docker build to use Depot for all image builds by default.
Now available: Configure Docker to run builds with Depot by default banner

We've expanded the functionality of the depot CLI to allow you to configure docker build and docker buildx build to use Depot for all image builds by default. Check out our Docker Compose announcement post for more details.

We are excited to announce that depot v2.24.0 and above introduces a new command so you can now use Depot to build Docker images anywhere you use docker build without changing a single line of code 🎉

We've introduced a new command, depot configure-docker, that installs Depot as a Docker CLI plugin and makes Depot the default builder for docker build and docker buildx build commands.

How to set it up

With the latest version of the Depot CLI installed, you can run the following command:

depot configure-docker
Successfully installed Depot as a Docker CLI plugin

The configure-docker command installs Depot as a plugin to the Docker CLI and sets the default builder to Depot. The plugin routes your usual docker build command to Depot builders. Configuring which Depot project your builds should go to can be accomplished via any of the methods below:

  1. You can set a DEPOT_PROJECT_ID environment variable to the project ID of the project you want to use for builds.
  2. You can run depot init in the root of the repository in which you're building your image, creating a depot.json file that our plugin will detect.

depot configure docker

After running the command, docker build is routed through Depot!

New GitHub Action: depot/use-action

We have released a new GitHub Action, depot/use-action, that you can now use in your workflows. The action allows you to build your Docker images with Depot without changing anything else in your workflow. It does the following steps:

  1. Installs the depot CLI in the GitHub Actions environment
  2. Installs Depot as a Docker CLI plugin
  3. Sets the Depot plugin as the default Docker builder

The GitHub Action needs to resolve a Depot project ID to use for builds. This can be done via the DEPOT_PROJECT_ID environment variable, our depot.json file, or you can specify the project ID directly in the action.

      - uses: depot/use-action@v1
          project: <your-project-id>

You can authenticate to Depot via our recommended OIDC trust relationships just as you can with our other GitHub Actions.

      contents: read
      id-token: write
      # optional, if you need to push to ghcr.io
      packages: write
      - uses: depot/use-action@v1

You can now switch your Docker image builds to leverage Depot by adding a single action to your GitHub Actions workflows. You can add depot/use-action above your existing docker build or docker/build-push-action, and Depot will take over the build.

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
      - uses: depot/use-action@v1
          project: <your-project-id>
      - uses: docker/build-push-action@v4
          push: true
          tags: |
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