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We've rolled out a lot of features and bug fixes to the depot CLI that are now all rolled into v2.70.0. Here's a quick rundown of the changes:

  • Enhancements to --load for the fast load path to work with specified targets when using the bake command
  • Ability to leverage the Ephemeral Registry when using depot bake
  • Upgraded buildx imagetools to pick up additional fixes
  • Default to doing a pull/load of all targets when using bake with --load
  • Added support for depot pull-token to generate a temporary pull token to pull images from the Depot Ephemeral Registry
  • Bug fix for the BuildKit proxy with buildx 0.13
  • Added native support for GitHub Actions OIDC so that the depot CLI can exchange this token type outside of our depot/* actions
  • Added support for an experimental depot exec command to invoke a command in the remote BuildKit instance
  • Bug fix for resolving the GitHub Cache endpoint when running inside of a Depot GitHub Actions Runners
  • Bug fix for OCI mediatypes when pushing images from Depot to Heroku's registry
  • Log additional visibility into git provenance information
  • Added support for client-side server name verification for mTLS verification outside of EC2 instances
  • Bug fix for image.name in the metadata file when one is requested
  • Bug fix to correctly report --load progress back to the UI
  • Added support for multiple projects with depot bake with a new Docker Compose extension
  • Bug fix to only close the progress channel after all error retries are exhausted
  • Added support for allowing remote cancelation of builds