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New depot/pull-action GitHub Action

To go with our new ephemeral registry, we introduced a new depot/pull-action GitHub Action that can be used to pull an image into a workflow via a given build ID.

  contents: read
  id-token: write
  - uses: depot/setup-action@v1
  - uses: depot/build-push-action@v1
    id: image-build
      project: <your-depot-project-id>
      save: true
  - uses: depot/pull-action@v1
      build-id: ${{ steps.image-build.outputs.build-id }}
      tags: |

The depot/build-push-action has the build ID stored in its output. So you can use that output to pull the image into your workflow to run integration tests, deploy to a staging environment, or whatever else you need to do.