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Core Concepts


Everything you do in Depot is within the context of an organization. An organization typically represents a single company or team. Billing is on a per-organization basis.

GitHub Connection

Depot organizations can be connected to GitHub organizations in order to use Depot GitHub Actions Runners. This allows Depot runners to be used GitHub Actions workflows and jobs to accelerate your entire CI/CD pipeline.


Projects are used for our remote container builds. A project is a cache namespace that is isolated from other projects. You can use a single namespace for a single git repository or Dockerfile or one namespace for multiple git repositories or Dockerfiles.

Projects are created within an organization and are used to store the Docker layer cache for your Docker image build on a per architecture basis. See our pricing page for more information on how many projects are included in each plan.

Cache Storage Policy

A cache storage policy is specified per project. It defines how much cache to keep for each architecture you build. When the cache goes beyond that size, the oldest cache entries are deleted. The default cache storage policy is 50 GB, but is configurable up to 500 GB.


A build in Depot is a Docker image build. When you run depot build your build context is sent to a remote builder running BuildKit. BuildKit performs the build and sends the resulting image back to your machine or a remote registry based on the options you passed with the build command. The resulting cache from the build is stored in the project's persistent cache and is available to all subsequent builds by users or CI providers.

Depot can build images on both x86 or arm machines supporting the following platforms:

  • linux/amd64
  • linux/arm64
  • linux/arm/v6
  • linux/arm/v7
  • linux/386


A job in Depot is considered to be a GitHub Actions job. When you run a GitHub Actions job with a runs-on label like depot-ubuntu-latest, the job is run on a Depot runner. All of the steps for that job will execute on the Depot-managed GitHub Actions Runner. You must have an active GitHub connection configured in order to access Depot runners.

Cloud Connections

A cloud connection links your AWS cloud account and your Depot organization. With a cloud connection configured, you can choose to have a given Depot project launch builders in your cloud instead of ours.

We currently only support cloud connections for AWS and you must be on a Business plan to use this feature.