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We're excited to release a new specialized GitHub Actions runner optimized for I/O-bound workflows. This new runner is designed to handle workflows that are bottlenecked by disk I/O, such as those involving large file transfers, database operations, or other disk-intensive tasks.

The new I/O-optimized runner comes with fast local NVMe SSDs for higher IOPS and disk throughput than the traditional runners. They are configured with a local SSD as the write cache, and the reads are distributed between the EBS root volume and the local SSD.

They are available now in beta via the nee -io label for both Intel & Arm:

Intel I/O-optimized runners

LabelCPUsMemoryDisk sizeIOPS (read/write)Minute multiplePer-minute price
depot-ubuntu-22.04-4-io416 GB237 GB67,083 / 33,5422x$0.008
depot-ubuntu-22.04-8-io832 GB474 GB134,167 / 67,0844x$0.016
depot-ubuntu-22.04-16-io1664 GB950 GB268,333 / 134,1678x$0.032
depot-ubuntu-22.04-32-io32128 GB1900 GB536,666 / 268,33416x$0.064
depot-ubuntu-22.04-64-io64256 GB1425 GB536,666 / 268,33432x$0.128

Arm I/O-optimized runners

LabelCPUsMemoryDisk sizeIOPS (read/write)Minute multiplePer-minute price
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-4-io416 GB237 GB67,083 / 33,5422x$0.008
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-8-io832 GB474 GB134,167 / 67,0844x$0.016
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-16-io1664 GB950 GB268,333 / 134,1678x$0.032
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-32-io32128 GB1900 GB536,666 / 268,33416x$0.064
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-64-io64256 GB1425 GB536,666 / 268,33432x$0.128