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Increased disk sizes for GitHub Actions runners

We've shipped another update to Depot-managed GitHub Actions Runners, this time giving your jobs large disk sizes based on the number of CPUs you request. This change is available for both Intel and our ARM runners in beta.

Below is the full breakdown of disk sizes based on the label you choose:

LabelCPUsMemoryDisk SizeOSArchitecture
depot-ubuntu-22.0428 GB100 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-4416 GB150 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-8832 GB300 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-161664 GB600 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-3232128 GB1200 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm28 GB100 GBUbuntu 22.04arm64
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-4416 GB150 GBUbuntu 22.04arm64
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-8832 GB300 GBUbuntu 22.04arm64
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-161664 GB600 GBUbuntu 22.04arm64
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-3232128 GB1200 GBUbuntu 22.04arm64

You can read more about configuring Depot GitHub Actions Runners in our GitHub Actions quickstart, and feel free to ask any questions or report any issues in our Community Discord.