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About Depot

Est. 2022

Accelerating builds, automatically, so software teams can iterate more quickly and spend less time waiting.


Our philosophy

We believe that by accelerating the software build process, we can streamline the entire software development process, increasing developer happiness and unlocking new innovation.

We are building a next-generation, developer-first build platform that uses cloud compute to increase build speed and integrates with the existing ecosystem of container tools and services. Our goal is to eliminate compute bottlenecks, flatten learning curves, and empower developers to build faster.


2022 January
Initial incorporation
2022 May
Private beta launch
2022 July
Public launch
2023 January
Joined Y Combinator
2023 July
Raised $1.8m seed round

Backed by

Solomon Hykes
Founder of Docker & Dagger.io
Ben Porterfield
Founder of Looker
Travis McPeak
Co-founder & CEO of Resourcely
Jonathan Cran
Founder of Intrigue, acquired by Mandiant
And many individual investors that have built and scaled companies like InfluxDB, Segment, and Pebble.