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From the first line of code we wrote for depot we wanted it to be very easy to switch to it from docker. It is critical, in our opinion, that the ability to try out new tools and technologies have the lowest barrier to entry as possible. So, we have built our CLI with that in mind, it takes all the same flags as docker build right out of the box.

We released depot 0.1.0 which makes a small change to the built image transfer. With this release, we now leave the image on the remote builder instance. This was previously done by passing the --no-load flag. We decided to switch this behavior so that when you are running builds in your CI environment you are not unnecessarily waiting for the image to be transferred back to you when you may not need it. If you do need the built image for running it locally or running integration tests in CI, you can use the --load flag to tell our remote builder to transfer the built image back. You can read the full release notes here.