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We rolled out our new cache storage architecture to all Depot-hosted regions. Cache storage v2 moves away from our old EBS volume-based architecture to a new one using a Ceph storage cluster, allowing us to scale storage to meet your project's needs and provide 10x the write throughput and 20x the read throughput for each project's cache.

View what's in your cache

Depot cache view

There is a new Cache view in the Depot UI when you click on any of your projects. This view shows you exactly what is in your cache, how large each entry is, which line in your Dockerfile it's associated with, and which architecture that cache entry is for.

Choose your cache size

As a bonus, all projects can now be configured to have the cache size that makes sense for what you're building. Need to build an image that has Stable Diffusion embedded in it? No problem. Select our largest cache size of 500 GB.