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We have a major new release of our depot CLI. This release includes many new features to expose more of Depot to the command line and make builds even faster. Here are some of the highlights:

  • depot bake comes to Depot! Build all of the images that compose your application from a single HCL, JSON, or Compose file. Check out our announcement blog post for more details.
  • depot cache reset allows you to reset the cache for a specific Depot project. This is useful if you want to clear the cache of your project before running a build in CI for cases where you want a totally uncached environment.
  • --build-platform is now available for both our build and bake commands. By default, we run on Intel or Arm builders depending on the container platform or both in the case of multi-platform builds. This flag allows you to force builds to run on Intel or Arm builders, regardless of the requested container platform.