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GitHub Actions

Depot now supports managing GitHub Action runners for your organization. This allows you to run your CI builds on runners that are managed by Depot, which are faster and more reliable than the default GitHub runners at half the cost.

If you use Depot for faster Docker image builds, your BuildKit builder runs right next to your managed GitHub Action runner, allowing for faster CI builds by mimizing network latency and data transfer.

Step 1: Connect to GitHub

To configure Depot GitHub Action Runners, you will need to connect to your GitHub organization and install the Depot GitHub App. This can be done from the GitHub Actions tab in the Depot dashboard for your organization.

Connect to GitHub

Permissions for public repositories

If you're going to use Depot runners with public repositories, you will need to update your Actions runner group to allow runners to be used in public repositories. You can find this setting in the Actions section in your GitHub organization settings: github.com/organizations/<your-org>/settings/actions/runner-groups.

Allow runners to be used in public repositories

Step 2: Configure your GitHub Actions workflow

Once installed, you can configure your GitHub Actions to use the Depot runners by specifying the runs-on key in your workflow file.

    name: Build
-    runs-on: ubuntu-22.04
+    runs-on: depot-ubuntu-22.04

Depot supported configurations

The runs-on label to leverage Depot runners is in the format depot-<os>-<cpus>-<architecture>. Below are the full list of supported configurations:

depot-ubuntu-22.0428 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-4416 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-8832 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-161664 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel
depot-ubuntu-22.04-3232128 GBUbuntu 22.04Intel

Note: During beta, we are limiting the max number of CPUs you can request to 8 but 16 & 32 options are available for those who need them. We currently only support Intel runners at the moment but will be launching ARM runners shortly.


Depot managed GitHub Action Runners are in beta. If you'd like to be added to the waitlist for the beta, please reach out to us at help@depot.dev.

Pricing for Depot managed GitHub Action Runners is half the cost of hosted GitHub Action Runners based on the number of CPUs you request. Build time is billed on a per-minute basis, tracked per second. We only bill for whole minutes used at the end of the month.

CPUsPrice per minute