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GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions Runners

Our fully-managed GitHub Actions Runners are a simple drop-in replacement for your existing runners in any GitHub Action jobs. Our runners have 30% faster compute, 10x faster caching and are half the cost of GitHub hosted runners.

Here are a few technical and implementation details that are relevant for Depot-managed GitHub Actions runners:

  • Single tenant: Runners are single tenant, we run your job and then kill the machine, it's never reused
  • 30% faster compute: For Intel runners, we launched with 4th Gen AMD EPYC Genoa CPUs and for Arm runners, we launched with AWS Graviton2 CPUs
  • 10x faster cache: Runners automatically integrate with our distributed cache architecture for upload and download speeds up to 1000 MiB/s on 12.5 Gbps of network throughput — no 10GB cache limit either
  • Per second billing: We track builds by the second and only bill for whole minutes used at the end of the month and don't enforce a one minute minimum
  • No limits: No concurrency limits, no cache size limits, and no network limits
  • Self-hostable: We can run our optimized runners in our cloud or your AWS account for additional security and compliance

In addition, if you use Depot for faster Docker image builds via our remote container builds, your BuildKit builder runs right next to your managed GitHub Action runner, allowing for faster CI builds by mimizing network latency and data transfer.


Depot managed GitHub Action Runners are available on all of our pricing plans. Each plan includes a bucket of both of Docker build minutes and GitHub Actions minutes. Business plan customers can contact us for custom plans.

Docker build minutes included5005,000 + $0.04/minute after
GitHub Actions minutes included2,00020,000 + $0.004/minute after

Startup plans and above can pay for additional usage on a per minute basis for both Docker image builds and GitHub Actions minutes. For both types of minutes we charge on a per-minute basis, tracked per second. We only bill for whole minutes used at the end of the month.

Additional usage pricing for GitHub Actions minutes

The Startup and Business plans have the option to pay for additional GitHub Actions minutes on a per-minute basis. See the runner type list for the per-minute pricing for each runner type.