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New GitHub Actions Runners sizes now available in Depot

You can now launch Depot GitHub Actions Runners with 2 CPUs & 2 GB of memory for half the cost of our default runner for a price per minute of $0.002/minute. These runners are great for lightweight build workloads where you want to further optimize for cost.

We've also launched a new 64 CPU & 256 GB memory runner for the most demanding workloads. This runner is great for large Rust builds where you want to leverage as many CPUs as possible. It is priced at $0.128/minute.

Both of these new runner types are publicly available for all plans. You can use them today using any of the new labels below. Check out our GitHub Actions Runners documentation for the complete list of available labels.

LabelCPUsMemoryDisk SizeArchitecturePer Minute Price
depot-ubuntu-22.04-small22 GB100 GBIntel$0.002
depot-ubuntu-22.04-6464256 GB2400 GBIntel$0.128
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-small22 GB100 GBarm64$0.002
depot-ubuntu-22.04-arm-6464256 GB2400 GBarm64$0.128