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Depot GitHub Actions Runners for ARM now in beta

It's been a few short weeks since we took the covers off our latest product, Depot-managed GitHub Actions Runners, for faster CI jobs in GitHub Actions. We shipped the initial version focused on Intel runners with 30% faster compute, 10x faster caching, and half the price of GitHub-hosted runners.

But today, we're announcing that we now have ARM runners in public beta for everyone to use in their existing GitHub Actions jobs. ARM runners are great for building artifacts and binaries for Arm-based devices like Apple M3 chips, Raspberry Pi, and more.

We've always had the ability to build Docker images natively for ARM, but now you can run your CI jobs on ARM runners as well. Getting started is easy. Just update your runs-on label to specify an ARM runner:

runs-on: depot-ubuntu-latest-arm

You can read more about all supported labels in our GitHub Actions quickstart and feel free to ask any questions or report any issues in our community Discord.