Build Docker images fast, in the cloud.

Blazing fast compute, automatic intelligent caching, and zero configuration. Done in seconds.
$ depot build -t depot/app .

[+] Building 0.0s (0/15)
=> [depot] connecting to arm64 builder0.0s
=> [internal] load metadata for
=> [build 1/8] FROM
=> => resolve
=> [internal] load build context0.0s
=> => transferring context: 2.71MB0.0s
=> CACHED [build 2/8] RUN corepack enable0.0s
=> CACHED [build 3/8] WORKDIR /app0.0s
=> CACHED [build 4/8] COPY pnpm-lock.yaml package.json ./0.0s
=> CACHED [build 5/8] RUN pnpm install --frozen-lockfile0.0s
=> [build 6/8] COPY . .0.0s
=> [build 7/8] RUN pnpm build0.0s
=> [build 8/8] RUN pnpm prune --prod0.0s
=> CACHED [stage-1 2/5] WORKDIR /app0.0s
=> [stage-1 3/5] COPY --from=build /app/node_modules /app/node_modules0.0s
=> [stage-1 4/5] COPY --from=build /app/build /app/build0.0s
=> [stage-1 5/5] COPY --from=build /app/public /app/public0.0s
Optimized Build Compute
Our build machines provide fast compute, with higher specs than common CI providers, plus an automatically integrated persistent build cache. Code that was built before can simply be reused.
4 cores
of CPU
8 GB
50 GB
NVMe cache disk
Drop-in Replacement
Replace docker build with depot build and get fast, intelligent remote builds that just work with existing tooling.
Break free from local resource constraints and offload heavy build computation to our remote builder fleet. Reuse existing builds from coworkers or CI with Depot's distributed cache.
Speed Up CI
Reduce build time with Depot's direct integration with existing CI providers. Eliminate the expensive loading and saving of large cache tarballs.
Depot's builders launch in seconds with fast SSD cache, allowing CI to instantly reuse previous work.