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30-day Free Trial — 1 project, unlimited build minutes
Monthly Usage
You are charged for the number of projects
and build minutes you use each month.
per project
per minute
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Unlimited projects
Unlimited build minutes
Unlimited users
Monthly billing based on usage
Usage Example
You have 4 projects and use 1000 minutes of build time in a month: you are charged $100 for the projects and $50 for the build minutes, for a total of $150 for the month.
Solutions tailored to your
specific requirements.
Custom projects
Custom build minutes
Unlimited users
Invoice or custom billing agreement
Priority support
Dedicated account manager
Custom onboarding
Depot contributes 1% of your subscription to remove CO2 from the atmosphere through Stripe Climate.

Common Questions

What is a project?
Projects are a collection of compute resources and build cache, shared amongst the users and systems that are granted access to that project. Projects ususally represent applications, git repositories, or Dockerfiles.
What are build minutes?
Build minutes track the time builds run on Depot servers - each build minute is exactly equivalent to a real time minute. Builds that utilize caching consume fewer build minutes, Depot only tracks compute time utilized.
What is the refund policy?
We want Depot to be a good fit for your organization — if you you encounter any issues, we offer a 30 day refund policy, please email us and we will be happy address any issues or process a refund.
What is the free trial?
Each organization starts with a 30-day free trial that includes one project with unlimited build minutes. You can upgrade to a full paid plan at any time during or after the trial.
Are there discounts for non-profits or open-source?
Yes! Please contact us for more details.
What if I have billing questions?
Please email us any questions and concerns.