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Monthly Usage
You are charged for the number of projects
and build minutes you use each month.
per project
per minute*
Get started for free
Unlimited projects
Unlimited build minutes
Unlimited users
Monthly billing based on usage
Depot-hosted or self-hosted builders
Usage Example
You have 4 projects and use 1000 minutes of build time in a month: you are charged $100 for the projects and $50 for the build minutes, for a total of $150 for the month.
Self-hosted builders do not have a per-minute cost.
Solutions tailored to your
specific requirements.
Custom projects
Custom build minutes
Unlimited users
Invoice or custom billing agreement
Depot-hosted or self-hosted builders
Enterprise SSO (SAML, OIDC, etc.)
Priority support
Custom onboarding
Depot contributes 1% of your subscription to remove CO2 from the atmosphere through Stripe Climate.

Common Questions

What is a project?
Projects are a collection of compute resources and build cache, and usually represent applications, git repositories, or Dockerfiles.
Projects can use Depot-hosted builders, or you can connect your own cloud account to run builds on self-hosted machines.
What are build minutes?
Build minutes track the time builds run on Depot-hosted builders. Each build minute is exactly equivalent to a real time minute.
Build minutes cost $0.05 / minute for Depot-hosted builders. Builds using self-hosted builders do not have a per-minute fee.
What is the free trial?
Each organization starts with a 14-day free trial that includes up to ten projects with unlimited build minutes. You can upgrade to a full paid plan at any time during or after the trial.
Are there discounts for non-profits or open-source?
Yes! Please contact us for more details.
What if I have billing questions?
Please email us any questions and concerns.