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We released a new depot configure-docker command that installs Depot as a Docker CLI plugin and makes Depot the default builder for docker build and docker buildx build commands. Making it even easier to get faster Docker image builds locally and in CI without changing a single line of code. This unlocks a lot of Depot integrations with other great developer tools like Dev Containers, goreleaser, and AWS CDK. Check out our blog post for more details.

Upgrade to our latest CLI version to access this command: depot/cli.

depot/use-action GitHub Action

To go with our new Docker CLI plugin, we also released a new GitHub Action, depot/use-action, that makes it easy to use Depot as the default builder for your GitHub Actions workflows. You can use this action to get faster Docker image builds in your GitHub Actions workflows by dropping the new action above your Docker build steps. Nothing else needs to be added or changed.