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We've rolled out a new version of the depot CLI, which includes a number of improvements and bug fixes. The biggest one is an updated depot bake command to support the matrix block in a bake file. You can use it to reduce some duplication in your bake files or even dynamically generate targets.

# generates two targets from the `matrix` array
target "app" {
  name       = "app-${tgt}"
  dockerfile = "Dockerfile"
  tags       = ["org/${tgt}"]
  target     = tgt
  matrix     = {
    tgt = ["frontend", "backend"]

In addition, we also shipped a few other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fix for reporting build errors when using docker build and docker buildx build commands
  • Fix for parsing out cwd:// from incoming files
  • Added support for pushing multiple tags with depot push command
  • Add explicit support for linux/arm/v8 via the --platform flag