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Continuous Integration

Why use Depot with your CI provider?

Depot provides a remote Docker build service that makes the image build process faster and more intelligent.

By routing the image build step of your CI to Depot, you can complete the image build 2-3x faster than you could in your generic CI provider. Saving you build minutes in your existing CI provider and, more importantly, saving you developer time waiting for the build to finish.

The depot CLI is a drop-in replacement for docker. Switch your existing CI provider to use depot build instead of docker build, and you're set. In some cases, it even further simplifies your CI workflow, as you can remove Docker cache saving and loading. Depot's remote builders keep a persistent build cache that is fast and shared across all your builds automatically.

Running depot in a continuous integration environment is a great way to get fast and consistent builds with any CI provider. See below for documentation on integrating Depot with your CI provider.