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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Depot with docker-compose?

docker-compose doesn't currently have a way to route builds from commands like up or build to remote builders that are running BuildKit like Depot. Our current recommendation is to build your image using depot build -t your-image-tag before any compose commands and use that tag in your docker-compose.yml file.

    image: <your-image-tag>

We are working on a better way to handle this by introducing a depot bake -f compose.yaml command similar to docker buildx bake -f compose.yaml which builds all the images via Depot and then interacts with docker-compose up.

What are user access tokens?

A user access token is used to authenticate depot CLI calls. It should be kept in a secure location and never exposed publicly via logs, unencrypted environment variables, etc. It is tied to your user account and can be used in one or more projects.

We are working on the concept of project access tokens that will allow you to generate a token for a specific project, not tied to a user. That token could then be used in CI environments to authenticate the depot CLI calls to our API for a specific project. Stay tuned for updates on that feature.

Can I build Docker images for M1 Macs?

Yes! Depot supports native Arm container builds out of the box. We detect the architecture of the machine requesting a build via depot build. If that architecture is Arm, we route the build to a builder that is running Arm natively. Meaning, you can build Docker images for M1 Macs and run the resulting image immediately as it is built specifically for your architecture. See our documentation on Arm containers for more details.