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Docker build service

Depot's remote Docker build service is the fastest way to build your container images. Replace docker build with depot build for up to 40x faster container image builds.
Includes everything you need, from powerful remote builders, native Intel and Arm CPUs, sophisticated distributed caching, advanced build insights, and an integrated container registry.
$ depot build -t depot/app .

[+] Building 0.0s (0/15)
=> [depot] connecting to arm64 builder0.0s
=> [internal] load metadata for docker.io/library/node:180.0s
=> [build 1/8] FROM docker.io/library/node:180.0s
=> => resolve docker.io/library/node:180.0s
=> [internal] load build context0.0s
=> => transferring context: 2.71MB0.0s
=> CACHED [build 2/8] RUN corepack enable0.0s
=> CACHED [build 3/8] WORKDIR /app0.0s
=> CACHED [build 4/8] COPY pnpm-lock.yaml package.json ./0.0s
=> CACHED [build 5/8] RUN pnpm install --frozen-lockfile0.0s
=> [build 6/8] COPY . .0.0s
=> [build 7/8] RUN pnpm build0.0s
=> [build 8/8] RUN pnpm prune --prod0.0s
=> CACHED [stage-1 2/5] WORKDIR /app0.0s
=> [stage-1 3/5] COPY --from=build /app/node_modules /app/node_modules0.0s
=> [stage-1 4/5] COPY --from=build /app/build /app/build0.0s
=> [stage-1 5/5] COPY --from=build /app/public /app/public0.0s
Drop-in replacement
Same command, same flags, use with your existing CI provider and dev workflows.
Fully ecosystem-compatible, including integrations with Docker, Compose, Buildx, Dev Containers, GitHub Actions, and more.
- docker build .
+ depot build .
--tag depot/app:latest --target app --file docker/Dockerfile --build-arg COMMIT=6fc3900f --platform linux/arm64,linux/amd64 --progress plain --ssh default --push
Xeon Scalable Ice Lake
AWS Graviton3
Optimized compute
Machines with 16 CPUs, running fast, native processors for Intel and Arm architectures. 32GiB of memory.
Emulation-free builds for AWS Graviton and Apple Silicon.
Try it now
Sophisticated caching
Fine-grained distributed caching, accessible from CI and your team's local machines.
Builds are perfectly incremental — cache hits even with changed code.
Up to 1 TB of cache storage per project, served from a distributed NVMe cache cluster.
$ depot build -t ghcr.io/org/app:tag .
# Build stage
FROM node:18.12.1-bullseye-slim AS frontend-build
COPY package.json pnpm-lock.yaml ./
RUN corepack enable && pnpm install --frozen-lockfile --prod
COPY frontend/ frontend/
RUN pnpm build
# Package stage
FROM python:3.10.10-slim-bullseye
USER posthog
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y --no-install-recommends chromium chromium-driver libpq-dev libxmlsec1 libxmlsec1-dev libxml2
COPY ./bin ./bin/
COPY posthog posthog/
COPY --from=frontend-build /code/frontend/dist /code/frontend/dist
CMD ["./bin/docker"]
Your builds have never been this quick.
Start building