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Depot Subprocessors

Depot uses third-party subprocessors to provide the Depot service. This page provides information about the identity and location of each subprocessor.

Amazon Web ServicesCloud InfrastructureUnited States
CloudflareContent Delivery NetworkUnited States
FrontCustomer SupportUnited States
PlainCustomer SupportUnited States
GitHubCode RepositoryUnited States
Google Cloud PlatformCloud InfrastructureUnited States
Google WorkspaceEmailUnited States
LinearProject ManagementUnited States
NotionDocumentationUnited States
PostHogAnalyticsUnited States
SentryError TrackingUnited States
StripePayment ProcessingUnited States
VantaSecurity ComplianceUnited States
WorkOSIdentity ManagementUnited States

Questions regarding these subprocessors should be emailed to help@depot.dev.

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