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Now available: GitHub Actions cache management

Written by
Kyle Galbraith
Published on
26 June 2024
Now available for all organizations using Depot GitHub Actions Runners is the ability to view and delete cache entries from your GitHub Actions cache.
Now available: GitHub Actions cache management banner

We're excited to start bringing the insights folks have come to expect from Depot to our entire suite of tools going forward. In that spirit, today we're announcing a new feature that allows you to manage and view all of your GitHub Actions cache stored on Depot when you use our GitHub Actions Runners.

GitHub Actions cache management in Depot

This new management interface expands on our existing visualization features that allow you to get a real-time view into what jobs across your organization are running on Depot runners.

From the Cache tab in your GitHub Actions view, you can view all of the entries inside your cache, including details like the cache key, size, architecture, and when it was last accessed. Additionally, organization admins can delete individual cache entries if needed.

What's next

But we're not stopping here. We're already working on some exciting additional functionality such as filtering, search, and bulk eviction for GitHub Actions cache. We're also developing additional runner types to optimize your workflows that may be more I/O bound. You can follow those in our Discord Community.

If you're interested in faster GitHub Actions Runners with 10x faster caching at half the cost of GitHub-hosted runners, sign up for Depot GitHub Actions Runners today.

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