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Now available: A Depot plugin for asdf

Written by
Kyle Galbraith
Published on
11 November 2022
If you use the asdf version manager, you can now add our Depot CLI as a plugin to manage all of your versions in one place.
Now available: A Depot plugin for asdf banner

Managing different project runtimes and tool versions can be a mess when you are working across different code bases that have different dependencies. Before asdf, you had to manage the different versions of tools via disparate version managers for the different tools, languages, and frameworks you make use of.

But with asdf, you can manage all of your different runtimes and tools in one place with one CLI. In addition, it has a plugin system that allows you to define specific versions of various tools that you use and therefore centralizes teams on a single version for each tool they use.

This week, we rolled out our own depot CLI plugin for the asdf version manager. We got the feedback earlier in the week that it would be helpful if we had a plugin to allow folks using asdf to not have to leave their existing method for managing tool versions. So, we got everything configured in an open-source repo, depot/asdf-depo, to make our CLI available as a plugin 🎉

To install the plugin, you can run the following command:

asdf plugin add depot https://github.com/depot/asdf-depot.git

If you want to list all the versions available for depot, you can run the following command:

asdf list-all depot

To install a specific version of depot, you can run the following command:

asdf install depot 1.2.0

Lastly, if you wish to install a specific version of Depot globally, you can run the following command:

asdf global depot latest

We are excited to keep adding new ways developers want to interact with Depot to get faster Docker image builds. We hope that you find this helpful if you're a user of asdf, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. You can contribute to this plugin or open issues over on our depot/asdf-depo repo.

If you have another tool that we could integrate Depot into to make your life a bit easier, please reach out and let us know.

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