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Depot is currently in closed beta, and many things are still a work-in-progress, including this page!

Our primary features can be found on our homepage, or see the documentation for more technical details. The high-level summary is:

  • We run a fleet of remote Docker builder VMs.
  • Each builder VM has 4 CPUs, 8GB of memory, and 50GB of persistent SSD cache, and the builders launch in just a few seconds.
  • We have both Intel (amd64) and ARM (arm64) builders.
  • By running depot build instead of docker build, container builds are executed in the remote builder instances.
  • This greatly speeds up CI builds due to the real persistent SSD cache
  • This also offloads heavy builds from your laptop to the remote builder VMs, and additionally lets you simply download built images locally if they have already been built (by yourself, your coworkers, or CI).
  • Since we have both Intel and ARM builders, we are one of the few hosted services that can build native, emulation-free multi-architecture Docker images (e.g. depot build --platform linux/amd64,linux/amd64).

Feel free to sign up for early access, and we would love to work with you!